About YWAM Iceland



YWAM Iceland is a community of missional disciples who are committed to growing in intimacy with God and surrendering to the authority of his Son. As stewards of the North, we seek to pray for Iceland and lift up His name in worship daily. We desire to be transformed by the Gospel and bring relevant action into all spheres of society. We are committed to engaging in God’s grand purpose of redemption, from the North to the ends of the earth.




  • To create and inspire a culture of love for others, radical generosity and hospitality.

  • To see the Kingdom of God come in Iceland as it is in heaven.

  • To cultivate engagement and transformation of every area of Icelandic society.

  • To join in God's mission to make all things new.

  • To love God and love others, to stand up for the oppressed and care for the environment through the lens of prayer, worship and studying Scripture.

  • To make disciples who make disciples, and to help others grow in deeper intimacy with God.

  • To see more people in Iceland manifest God’s Spirit wherever He has called them to be.




Currently YWAM Iceland is being pioneered by a team sent by YWAM Rogaland in Norway. We are excited to learn and discover more about living every day devoted to Jesus and investing in our community. Through this, seeing the Kingdom come in Iceland as it is in heaven.